At Cushion Gem your total satisfaction is our highest goal. The road to your satisfaction starts with your education about the complex issues affecting the treasure you want to own. Cushion Gem shows you more about your selection than any other seller of rare items by presenting all of our merchandise with its "CherryScore™" evaluated by our expert traders prior to your items delivery for inspection. We guarantee the following;

  1. Cushion Gem guarantees that the items it presents to you shall be evaluated professionally, fairly and without prejudice
  2. Cushion Gem pledges to always represent merchandise it's experts believe to be of any one or a combination of the following; pristine quality, fine example, fair values, unusual and/or rare
  3. You must be 100% satisfied with your purchase or you may return it during your inspection period. Cushion Gem offers it's customers a 5 day "inspection period" and reserves the right to either shorten or lengthen this period at it's own discretion and conveys this to the client prior to shipping. No sale is final without your complete approval during the "inspection period."
  4. We guarantee your complete online security & privacy through our on site electronic security assuring you that your electronic information is never intercepted, manipulated or impersonated. All transactions at Cushion Gem go through SSL (Secure Socket Layers) which is the accepted industry standard by which computers communicate without risk.
  5. Our "Owners Guarantee" is your way of knowing that all merchandise that has not been certified by an independent reputable lab shown on our site, can be safely purchased without fear of the consequences. In the event that an uncertified gemstone sold by Cushion Gem as a "natural" gem turns out to be an "enhanced" gemstone based on Lab reports from either the American Gemological Laboratory, The Gemological Institute of America, The SSEF Laboratory or The Gubelin Gemmological Laboratory within 45 days of your purchase, you may return that gem in it's undamaged, unmounted condition in it's original packaging for a full refund less shipping & handling. (We strongly recommend that you do not mount your gem until you have acquired a certificate from one of these labs as we will not be able to accept any mounted merchandise in return for any reason whatsoever.)
  6. Follow the link to learn more about Cushion Gem's privacy policy and general terms.