RIchard Orbach and Mr. Shin, gem polisher at work. 

RIchard Orbach and Mr. Shin, gem polisher at work. 

A passionate longstanding interest in how process, people, technology and art co-exist in shaping natures most precious treasures led to my spending 2011 thru January 2016 documenting the cutting and transformation of gems of historical importance cut in the iconic lapidary workshop of Reginald C. Miller, Inc. under the stewardship of master cutter, artist Jerrold Green. 

There, in the heart of New York's diamond district, I discovered renewed purpose framing my lens to capture the "moments" each gemstone has in it's journey whether transformed by cutting or by my photo, micro-photo and video archivist lens. 

And now, from my new location, I am thrilled to share with you fresh key "moments" of gems available now for purchase exclusively through Cushion Gem including those rare gems "cut & signed" by the Reginald C. Miller workshop. 

I'd be honored to be your source for rare, thoughtfully cut, certified precious colorful gems for engagement, marriage, anniversary and any other milestone you are blessed with. 

Richard Orbach, Founder

PS: I want to express my sincere gratitude to my associates at Reginald C. Miller's workshop for 16 awesome years. Thank you Jerrold, Esther, Mr. Zin, Mr. Shin and Audrey for being you - each and every one. 


*While Cushion Gem, Inc. d/b/a CherryPicked, Inc. is a NY Corporation and the exclusive distributor of gems "cut & signed by Reginald C. Miller, Lapidary," the two companies are wholly separate entities who no longer share common space. No financial guarantees are implied or made by either firm for the other.