We guarantee your 100% complete satisfaction. Domestic sales are subject to a "5" day examination period from the day that the item is delivered with the exception of sales outside of the USA. In general, the "5" day examination period is typical although certain rare and costly gems may have lesser examination days than the default "5" day period. Examination days are assigned at our discretion prior to shipping with your approval, of course. 

We will courteously assist you in expediting the return of the item for a complete refund (less shipping and any costs associated with processing your shipment) within the items clearly stated examination period.

You will receive clear instructions to make your return as simple as possible and we will generate a Return Authorization number that you can put on the outside of your package. You will receive a prompt courteous 100% money back refund, (less shipping) after we inspect the merchandise. If you paid by credit card, your card will be refunded in kind and if you paid by bank wire, you will receive payment within 3 business days of our return inspection taking place. 

To review Cushion Gem's privacy & general terms policies, click here to see our TERMS page found in the footer area of our website.




Some of the gems I own require cutting - may I send them to you for that purpose?

All inquiries regarding cutting are handled directly by the Reginald C. Miller workshop through this form. 


How can I request to see if the type of gem I am looking for is available at Cushion Gem?

If you've searched our site and not found what you've been looking for, register your request on our REQUEST page. Gem presentations prepared by Cushion Gem exemplify care, clarity, transparency, detail, passion and a deep understanding of how gems are formed, appreciated and traded.  Utilizing our CherryScoring™ evaluation system, we compare each gem side by side, attribute to attribute and augment these scores with "gem-in-motion" video under specified lighting conditions showing you how the gems appear in movement. Your gemstone presentation is shown only to you in a private secure SSL password protected area to which we direct you once you've decided to engage us.  


Shipments are sent through our contracted insured carrier who has special arrangements with a number of established and reputable delivery firms like UPS and Federal Express. Shipments are usually at your door the next day for all orders confirmed available and placed Monday through Thursday. (Orders placed Friday through Sunday that are confirmed as available are shipped the following Monday or Tuesday delivery). Special shipments over $75,000 are sent by armored delivery at prices subject to the armored carriers fees to deliver to your location. Schedules for armored delivery over $75,000 varies with your location. Outside of US and international orders are subject to special terms and conditions. If you fall under that category, please don't hesitate to contact us...we ship worldwide and welcome hearing from you.


CherryScoring™ breaks down every influence, attribute by attribute



What is the CherryScoring™ system?

The CherryScore™ gemstone evaluation and comparison system was created by Richard Orbach in 1998 before launching the CherryPicked.com website in 1999. It is a user-friendly - and thorough - rating-system for precious and exotic gems of color that employs expert opinion and algorithmic classifications to create a transparent presentation that set the bar for the industry. GemKey Magazine hailed CherryScoring's "perfect execution," and named its parent site as its "Best of the Web" for its ingenious online presentation as a secure, discrete, reliable portal for the sale of complex precious gems.  At NYU's Graduate School of Business, the CherryScoring™ system was featured as one of two case studies in a course surveying "Online Niche Businesses of Note."

The newest iteration of CherryScoring™ as shown here on Cushion Gem takes the system to a new more powerful - and even simpler - interactive level of functionality responsive on all platforms with deeper levels of information accessible with a click, mouseover or touch. Here's one of our CherryScoring graphs in action. 

While our CherryScoring graphs no longer appear in the public area as our workflow shifts toward the visual aspects of the gem, once a gem is requested for delivery, the item is accompanied by our CherryScoring™ review leaving no issue - whether an asset, liability or nuanced consideration - uncovered. 



What is Cushion Gem's collecting philosophy?

Beauty first! Cushion Gem follows traditional common-sense guidelines co-authored by Jerrold Green and Richard Orbach in 1998 and updated 5 times since with the last addition on 10-15-15. 



What do the words "owner's guarantee" mean in place of the certificate?

Our "Owners Guarantee" is your way of knowing that all merchandise that has not been certified by an independent reputable lab shown on our site, can be safely purchased without fear of the consequences. In the event that an uncertified gemstone sold by Cushion Gem as a "natural" gem turns out to be an "enhanced" gemstone based on Lab reports from either the American Gemological Laboratory, The Gemological Institute of America, The SSEF Laboratory or The Gubelin Gemmological Laboratory within 45 days of your purchase, you may return that gem in it's undamaged, unmounted condition in it's original packaging for a full refund less shipping & handling. (We strongly recommend that you do not mount your gem until you have acquired a certificate from one of these labs as we will not be able to accept any mounted merchandise in return for any reason whatsoever.)


I'll be in New York City for a visit. Can I stop by and take a look at gems at your shop? 

At this time we are unable to accommodate in-person transactions. All Cushion Gem business is transacted online and all gems are viewed in the comforts of your own surroundings before any commitments are made. We'll go out of our way to make sure that your secure virtual experience exceeds your expectation every time. 


Under what lighting conditions are photos taken?  

Gem photos on the Cushion Gem website are taken by Richard Orbach in a workplace setting and not a photo studio.  Gems are photographed in a controlled indoor environment approximately 12 feet away from windows that allow a small degree of indirect north daylight both with and without fluorescent lights. Phenomena gems (stars, catseyes, color changers) usually require a direct light source in order to convey their signature optical display. Our role in photographing & presenting gemstones is to be that of a messenger first; salesperson second! We want our clients to get as close as possible to the 'truth' from their desktop, mobile or tablet devices. The photos shown here are honest and not enhanced and we labor to insure that our gems always appear more beautiful in our clients hands than on the screen.


How is video presented on Cushion Gem?

Ignoring recent trends by which online gem sellers use motorized revolving stands and pinpoint lights, our gem videos are taken by Richard Orbach on the human hand (his hand) to reflect the manner by which professional colored gemstone traders buy and sell gem products; by "facing" the gem against human skin within the sloped contours between fingers on the hand.  Professional colored gem buyers prefer to view their materials alternating between fluorescent light and dim lights. "As we buy, so do we sell," Richard explains, "and even if some of my gem-in-motion-videos go in and out of focus occasionally, my goal is to show color and texture and how color shifts under the 2 lighting influences that are most common."