You've seen it... 

But I haven't heard a word of feedback for more than 2 weeks which frankly is...unusual.

When a rare item like the one shown here is first requested by you and then the item is shown to you and no response - positive or negative - is forthcoming, I realize there may be a number of reasons why there has been no communication. 

Because this is a personal business that involves high value items, I take everything personally which means, I'm confused why my presentation did not even warrant acknowledgement - even a rejection would be fine. But silence? 

The cherished traditions of suppliers and clients in finer rare gemstone dealings are based on respect and communication between those who buy and sell. There are challenges in bringing our relationship to the next level using the internet which can be easily overcome if -  we work together to uphold these time honored traditions.

Feedback. Response. Clarity in direction. These are the hallmarks of the relationships I foster and the rewards are considerable for all! Together, we can enrich ourselves in honorable, clear, transparent joyous dealings sharing in the wealth of natures rarest most precious form of natural beauty. 

At this time, perhaps you could break the silence and communicate. That would be appreciated. Thank you! 


Richard Orbach, Founder

Cushion Gem


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