Gem request Preview


  1. The Gem Request Preview is a confidential report combined with an offer to purchase that is not to be shared in public. Therefore, Recipient agrees not to post any information whatsoever regarding the gems offered here in public forums or on public websites.
  2. Cushion Gem reserves the right to release information (ie. exact weight, exact price, copy of certification, exact dimensions) at the time that it determines if at all. Withholding certain information from this report may be based on a number of reasons which include but are not limited to owner confidentiality agreements for resale thru Cushion Gem, relative importance of materials traditionally protected in the market as well as the Recipients interest, qualifications & feedback promptness. No sale however shall transpire before all of this information is made available to the Recipient before or contingent to a transaction and title passing. 
  3. Recipient shall not make items available to others publicly or privately for comment, review or resale until such time that title is passed to recipient.
  4. This report presents the findings of our analysis. The characteristics of the gem(s) were examined and graded through the use of Cushion Gem’s proprietary tools and knowledge.
  5. This report is not an appraisal and does not serve as a guarantee or warranty, rather this is a limited time offer to sell the gem(s) represented.
  6. Any and all findings made by Cushion Gem regarding the gemstones authenticity and origin rely wholly or partially on certified laboratory findings. Cushion Gem cannot be held liable should a laboratory of the clients choosing reach different conclusions or should the same lab as the one presented here by Cushion Gem change it’s finding.
  7. The process of analyzing gems requires human skill, expertise, and subjective interpretation of certain findings. Different findings in other documents which pertain to the same gem may be attributable to various reasons, such as the use of different grading methods and the development of new techniques and equipment.
  8. The findings in this report describe the characteristics of the gem at the time of the analysis. Any future changes made to the gem may alter its characteristics.
  9. This report is provided solely at the request of the client, and nothing in this report shall be construed as providing any third party with rights, including any beneficiary rights.
  10. Cushion Gem disclaims all warranties and makes no expressed or implied representation to the recipient and to any third party , with respect to this report, the findings therein.
  11. Cushion Gem, including its officers, directors, employees and agents, shall not be liable in tort ,contract or in any other form of liability , for damages of any kind, including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive and statutory damages, for any loss, including profit loss, costs, expenses and payments, arising from or in connection with any and all matters pertaining to this report, including faults, errors, omissions, breakdowns and malfunctions, and for any action, or failure to take an action, Either by the client, or by any third party, in relation to, in consideration with or in reliance upon this report .
  12. This report is copyright protected. Reproduction of this report and use of the Cushion Gem name, CherryScore™ trademarks and Cushion Gem logo except as part of the original Cushion Gem initiated screen-share preview of this report are strictly prohibited without the prior written and explicit consent of Cushion Gem.