Kashmir Sapphire

If you are considering owning the rarest of all sapphires—the Kashmir sapphire—for engagement, marriage, anniversary, or collecting, Cushion Gem is your entré to the finest. Only a handful of these rare gems find their way back into the market as the mine was closed shortly after the turn of the 19th century.

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*Pictured above: Cut in the workshop of Reginald C. Miller by Jerrold Green, master cutter, and documented by Richard Orbach, founder of Cushion Gem. Photo courtesy of the CG Historic Gem Archive collection.  

Cushion Gem is honored to be your source of a beautiful Kashmir sapphire for your next milestone! 

  • On the Internet since 1999, Cushion Gem (then known by its DBA of "CherryPicked.com") pioneered the FIRST transparent online system - CherryScoring™ - to describe, evaluate and compare gems of color. 
  • Our founder, Richard Orbach—a gem trader since 1978—was involved in the shaping of some of the more important gems of the 21st century. He has documented the cutting of 4 of the 10 most expensive sapphires to ever sell at auction, as well as 1 of the 3 most expensive rubies to sell at auction.
  • Wise gem buyers know that from whom you buy is as important as what you buy. We are the exclusive distributors of the "Cut & Signed" series from the iconic Reginald C. Miller Workshop. That's the same workshop that cut what is arguably the most well-known, iconic precious colored gem of the last century: the 62.02 Rockefeller Sapphire. 

We trade primarily in un-treated, un-enhanced natural gemstones, and look forward to your request for a consultation to discuss your interest in acquiring the rarest sapphire of all - the Kashmir sapphire. Thank you. 

*With our expert guidance you can avoid buying those "Kashmir" certified sapphires that may very well not be Kashmir at all. 


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