Holiday Treasures: A Gift List

5 Gems of Color to Capture the Spirit of the Season

As the holidays bring us closer to the start of a new year, magic, romance, and wonder surround us. While winter’s advent means shorter days and longer nights, the darkness is broken by the warmth and light the season brings.

It may be impossible to bottle up the spirit of this time of year, but with sparkle and evocation of allure, these gems get close to doing just that.

5.23 Carat Cushion Un-Heated Sapphire

This rich Cushion Sapphire gemstone mimics the icy colors of winter, showing a range of glowing cornflower to a medium royal electric blue. Like the sky on a clear and brisk winter’s night, this sapphire glows with a deep complexity that, for a second, you might just get lost in.

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>8 Carat Un-Heated Important Ruby

Energetic, passionate, and opulent, you’ll find ruby reds at every turn during the holidays. The use of holly in winter celebration dates back as far as Roman winter solstice festivals. Enduring also is this >8 Carat Ruby, its exemplification of superior color and quality representative of the finest material ever recovered from Mozambique.

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14.21 Carat Oval Tsavorite Garnet

A stunning winter sight is the V-pattern migration of birds as they travel south. Like a Mallard’s iridescent green feathers, this Oval Tsavorite Garnet shows the most vivid of kelly to grass greens. Un-aided by treatments of any kind, a top-quality Tsavorite Garnet in this large a size is acknowledged by gem connoisseurs to be a truly infrequent and rare occurrence.

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4.56 Carat Oval Un-Heated Classic Ceylon Padparadscha Sapphire

If you turn your eyes to the sky during the winter season, you’ll see beautiful displays of light, as the winter’s low sun casts a pinkish golden glow—especially as it reflects off fresh snow.

Like the winter sunset, this 4.56 Padparadscha Sapphire gleams with a vivid 'pad' color that narrowly blends orange, pink, yellow, and red.

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5.40 Carat Cushion Un-Heated Purple Sapphire

PANTONE’s Color of the Year 2017 was Greenery—and 2018 is for Ultra Violet. There are a lot of reasons we’re ringing in a bold, brave new year with extra fervor this year, and the hot grape color of a purple sapphire, like this 5.40 carat beauty, embodies that vigor.

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